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Duplicate Pages in OneNote

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      11-08-2007, 03:36 AM
I have been using OneNote 2003/2007 for the better part of two years now and
love it! I have one major problem however. Now that I use the Sharing
feature to allow adding content from multiple computers and locations and
extensive use of the "Send to OneNote" Plugins I have multiple pages that
have the same content! Some have different titles but mostly all the same
content. Is there a plugin or software that understands OneNote's structure
and allow me to see duplicate files so that I may archive/remove them. I
have done this manually before but now with so many notes over a longer
period of time its a very time consuming and a daunting task. It seems that
there should be a solution for this. Does anyone know what options I have to
do some "housekeeping" to remove duplicate pages?
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