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Internal error #3400 - action 1004

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      10-09-2006, 11:59 PM
Hi evrybody.
I'm using Vision 2002 in a professional maner, creating files with at
leats 120 sheets, to specify part of my job.
For some file I've the above mention error. Internal error #3400 -
action 1004.
This is quite "unpleasent" because you lose all your work from the last

The stupid thing is that you want to save , and the only solution given
by the msgbox is close, then open then try to save...

I have spend hours and hours, reading all what was said on this forum
about this subject, but it seems that even MVPs doesn't care about us.
I have try to use the Visimation (R) tool called "VISIEXAM", but
nothing change.
the last chance will be to find either the Visio file structure to find
what is going wrong with these files, this is obviously not the good
aproach..., Or to find somebody in the Microsoft Visio team to devellop
an utility to clean the corupted files.
Does anybody have another idea, or better "A SOLUTION".


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