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Microsoft Access can't start the OLE Server

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      11-07-2008, 07:03 PM
When we searched this group we found the exact same problem from 1998
but we are having the same problem now with Access 07 with the output
to statement within a macro.

Hope someone can help with this, I have a macro that uses the
action. The parameters are:

Object type: Query
Object name: qryUnionAllTables
Output format: Excel sheet (.xls)
Output file: c:\My Documents\qryUnionAllTables
Auto Start: Yes

I have one query in this format that functions exactly as
However, I wrote another query similar to this one, and when I run it,
get an error like:

i Microsoft Access can't start the OLE Server

You tried to use a form, report, or datasheet that contains an
OLE object,

but the OLE Server (the application used to create the object)
may not be
registered properly. Reinstall OLE Server to register it

If I leave the Output file parameter blank, the macro runs, and the
As" dialog box opens. It shows the name of the query with an .xls
as the default selection, and if I select it, it opens in excel
exactly as
expected. I have reinstalled Office 97 and ODE, still get the same
the older query runs and newer queries function as described above. I
tell from ODE and support online how to reinstall the OLE server. I
tried registering different file libraries for Excel, with no success

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