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    Forum Category Update

    Hi everyone, I've tweaked the forum categories to archive some of the older legacy office applications (i.e. FrontPage) and updated the list to include other Office 365 applications such as Yammer, Skype, Sharepoint, etc... If you'd like to see any other forum changes or have suggestions...
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    Forum Software Upgrade

    You may have noticed that the forum looks a little different ;). We've upgraded to XenForo 2.1, which brings some significant improvements to how the forum software works. I'll make a follow-up post in a few days to explain some of these new features. For the meantime, I'm busy trying to get...
  3. Ian

    Missing e mail

    Which e-mail client are you using? Is it Outlook 2016? Can you please explain a little bit more about the issue - is it e-mails after a certain date, random ones, etc...? Any errors? The more information, the better.
  4. Ian

    Need to increase font size in MS Office 2013 in Windows 10

    Hi Carole, welcome to the forums :). It sounds like your problem is Windows 10 related, rather than Office. Can you please try the following to see if it helps? Right click the desktop > Click "Display Settings". Then, check that the scale and layout setting is set to the recommended level (or...
  5. Ian

    Microsoft MVP Status

    Are you a Microsoft MVP? If so, please drop me a private message with a link to your MVP profile (or other proof), and I will enable an MVP tag on your posting profile :). We've very grateful to have MVP's posting here, so the username tag will hopefully go some way towards recognising that.
  6. Ian

    Best way to do shared "To Dos" for a small office in the MS ecosystem ?

    Good question! I've been looking at this very thing myself. Wunderlist is now part of Microsoft and integrates with Office 365 ( It's an excellent to-do list tool and you can assign tasks to multiple people, etc... No instant messaging as far as I know. You could...
  7. Ian

    Share Outlook Calendar on Android

    I've recently transitioned over to Office 365 and I love many of the features - there are some major advantages over using Google Apps. However, one problem I've found is that it doesn't seem to be possible to view shared calendars on Android. Shared calendars appear fine within the web app and...
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    Headings and numbering of pages

    Hi, If you click the orange "post new thread" button on this page: then you can ask your own question and we'll do our best to help :).
  9. Ian security . cant access email.

    Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. That's the only way that they can confirm your identity unfortunately, there's not a way around it - without security procedures like this, anyone could claim a Live/Hotmail account.
  10. Ian

    Remove name from file location

    Hi Jeannette, that part of the path C:\Users\Jeannette\Documents is your username that you log on to the PC with - it's just a folder on your computer where all of your files are stored. The only way I know of to change this is to change your username (alternatively, you could save your...
  11. Ian

    office 2010 install error.

    Do you know which version of Windows XP you are using? You'll need Service Pack 3 as a minimum, you can find the download for it here:
  12. Ian

    Changing a single word throughout an entire manuscript.

    Hi John, I've only got the Windows version of Word, but doing a find and replace is certainly possible (CTRL+H for Windows). I've done some searching and it looks like you can do it like this: Type old word in to the search box On the magnifying glass dropdown menu, click replace In the...
  13. Ian

    Mysterious Drop Shadow Around Transparent PNG's When Exported to PDF

    I don't have Adobe installed, but if you have an Adobe PDF printer listed, there should be a "printer properties" link under the printer selection dropdown (in 2013 at least). On my Foxit PDF printer, I can choose image resolution, compression type, etc... so I hope it is the same with Adobe.
  14. Ian

    Mysterious Drop Shadow Around Transparent PNG's When Exported to PDF

    You could try installing Foxit Reader (free) and try that PDF printer instead, it may work differently to the Adobe PDF export - worth a shot! If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what else to suggest unfortunately. :(
  15. Ian

    Mysterious Drop Shadow Around Transparent PNG's When Exported to PDF

    Do you know which PDF printer you are using? I suspect that may be where the problem is. Is it Foxit PDF printer that you have installed?