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    Project Status Date

    Is there a way to make a Custom Field show the Project Status Date? I am using Project 2016 Standard. Thanks for any insight.
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    Multiple Projects using a Resource Pool

    I could use some help with Project 2016 Standard. I use a Master Resource Pool supporting multiple projects. Many more projects then you see in the Sharing Link field in the Share Resources panel. How do I get a list of the files contributing to the Resource Overview Report? Thanks in advance
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    Resource Pool Project 2016 Standalone - how to remove reference to previously Shared, now deleted, files

    In Project 2016 Standalone: I have a standalone ResourcePool.mpp that I have linked to a number of Project.mpp files. To keep it simple for this example say ProjectA.mmp and ProjectB.mmp. I then went and Deleted ProjectB.mpp. When I go into ResourcePool.mpp then Resource>ResourcePool>Resource...