Advice on Scheduling for Boss



I just started work for an extremely busy boss - he works 12 to 13 hour
a day and has a dozen appts per day. There are also lots of moving part
- meetings to be canceled, re-arranged, etc.

The previous scheduler did not use the Scheduling Assistant feature o
Calendar. Instead, the scheduler would send out an email (not a meetin
request) and people would email back availability. Then this would b
manually typed into the meeting notes.

The reason for not using a meeting request is that the boss, whos
schedule I keep, does not want the inevitable "Out of Office" or "Can'
Attend" to come to his inbox. In other words, the invites are sent fro
his schedule, which I keep, and the responses come to his inbox - whic
I don't have access to - and not to mine.

Is there a way to work around this? Any advice appreciated


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