Assigning an overarching owner to a task

Aug 3, 2016
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I have created a schedule of tasks, under four categories , i.e, Contract Manager, Engineering, Logistics and Project Management. I understand (basics) how resources, i.e., contractors, can be assigned to each task.

What I am having difficulty with is assigning the company responsible for managing the task. I want (a) a category, (b) a task, (c) a company responsible, and (d) the contractor (key person). I want to determine which company I have charged with delivering the task, not necessarily who they have on the ground.

What I need to know is what column should I insert into the Gannt chart and where do I populate the drop down list for that column.

The final object is to create a schedule(s) where one company does not need to know which tasks (particularly how many) have been allocated to company xyz.


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