AutoSummarize not working




I am hoping someone can help. My autosummarize is not working. I followed
instructions from the microsoft office word help, which suggested I change my
langauge under "set language" and it still is not working.

Here are the instructions that I followed but still can't get it to work.
Can someone help? Thanks!!!

Text may be marked with the wrong language or No Proofing format. If you
used the Language dialog box (point to Language on the Tools menu, and then
click Set Language) to mark the language of text in a document, make sure the
text is marked accurately. For example, AutoSummarize can't summarize French
text that is marked as German text. Also, AutoSummarize can't summarize text
that's marked with the No Proofing format.

You can quickly locate and change the language format throughout a document.
On the Edit menu, click Replace, delete any text in the Find what box, and
then click More. Click Format, click Language, click the appropriate language
format in the Language box, and then click OK. In the Replace with box,
repeat the same procedure— and click one of the other language formats. Click
Find Next, and then click Replace.


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