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Ok, this question might have been asked before, but there is almost 500 pages
of questions to go though and I am to lazy to go through all of them. Here's
my question. I noticed that whenever my roommate brought up a word document
that she had a dark blue background color instead of the standard white. I
asked her how she did this but she was unsure because a friend of hers had
done it for her. I have searched through everything I can on a word document
and thought that it might be a theme that made all her documents that way.
Now I've tried to set a default theme for my documents but it never works.
The theme will be set for the document I have open but when I try to open a
new one, the theme is not displayed. Also, when I print a page that I have
set a theme to, the text prints out in the light color that is displayed on
the screen. This was not the case for my roommate. Even though her screen
displayed the text as white, it always printed in black. Does anyone know
what I am talking about or know how to get this setting. I would really like
to get my documents to do what hers' did. Thanks for any help you can give



Stefan Blom

On the Tools menu, click Options. Click the General tab. Select the
"Blue background, white text" option, and then click OK.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

in message
news:[email protected]

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