Baseline Revision



We use our MS project plan to compare the progress of the project relative to
the original plan, the baseline. We need to make a modification to the
original plan. We need to change the sequence of tasks but the individual
tasks and durations for the baseline we want to keep the same.

We have already started the project, but the tasks that we are going to
"re-sequence" have not started yet. I just modified the predecessors and
successors but the dates did not change. I though MS Project would calculate
the new dates, I even manually did a "Calculate Now". No change. I set a
new baseline but the duration of the tasks already worked on changed
therefore my overall schedule and completion date changed.

I want to set a new baseline using the original durations not taking into
consideration the progress on the project. How do I do this?





First know that you can have 11 (1+10) baselines in MSP. Always remember
that for comparision purposes MSP uses the "baseline". Whenever you want to
revise a baseline, make sure which baseline you want to compare the actuals
with. If you want to compare with the original baseline then save the
new/revised baseline in "baseline1". If you want to compare the actuals with
revised baseline, make sure that the "baseline" is copied on to anyone of
baseline1 to baseline10 and the save the revised baseline on "baselne".

I didnt get what u r talking about the durations. What ever you do with
relationship with the tasks durations must not change and will not change. So
be clear whats your question is... Hope this helps...

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Steve House

You can select all the tasks from the change point forward and in the Save
Baseline dialog box choose "Selected Tasks" instead of "Entire Project."




3vikram .....

Thanks and sorry you could not follow my question. Let me try to restate it.

I would like to revise the baseline to include changes to the sequence of
the tasks but not include the progress on the project in the new baseline.

Also I did not completely understand your explanation about 11 baselines.
Which one is the comparison baseline? How do I save multiple baselines?

Thanks again ..... Laz

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