Borders in Word 2003



I have a table in which I am trying to shade some boxes and set borders for
others to create a printed form for others to fill in. Hence there are
several lines with Name / address / date of birth etc shaded and then white
boxes for the individual to complete.
I have done this by putting in a table with 33 columns and then merging
columns in each line to provide the shaded area with the title (ie Surname)
and the response box with no shading and an outline border. This has worked
well apart from one line where if I try and put in the outline border on the
white box, it underlines the whole line in the table. It did this on most of
the other lines also, but I managed to remove the unneccesary underline
borders manually. On one box however, it will not let me remove the
underline. I can only remove the bottom border from the entire row in the
table (leaving the white response box with no bottom border).
Can anyone please suggest a way around this?
Thank you


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