Clear YouTube TV Double Charges | Call (800) 704-1263

Jun 10, 2024
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Empowering your viewing experience starts with the right support. Contact YouTube TV Support at (800) 704-1263 for unexpected YouTube TV double charges. As your trusted ally in the streaming realm, our dedicated team will guide you through the resolution process, restoring harmony to your entertainment journey.

Why You Might See Double Charges

1. Multiple Accounts:
Have you accidentally signed up for YouTube TV on more than one Google account? It’s more common than you think, especially if you juggle multiple accounts for personal and professional use.

2. Payment Method Glitches: Changes in your credit card info or billing address can sometimes lead to accidental double billing. If a payment attempt fails and is retried, you might end up with duplicate charges.

3. Promotional Overlaps: Did you switch from a promotional offer to a regular subscription? Sometimes, billing periods can overlap during these transitions, causing what appears to be double charges.

4. System Errors: Although rare, technical glitches in YouTube TV’s billing system can result in duplicate charges. These issues usually require a quick chat with support to fix.

Steps to Resolve Double Charges

1. Check Your Subscription Status:

Log in to your YouTube TV account.
Navigate to "Settings" > "Billing".
Look for multiple active subscriptions. If found, decide which one to keep and cancel the others.

2. Review Payment History:
Compare the payment history in your YouTube TV account with your bank or credit card statements to spot any discrepancies.

3. Contact YouTube TV Support:

If you can't resolve the issue yourself, contact support. Provide details of the charges, including dates and amounts, for efficient assistance.

4. Verify Your Payment Methods:
Ensure your payment details are current and correct to prevent accidental double billing.

5. Monitor Future Statements:
After resolving the issue, keep an eye on your future statements to ensure the problem doesn't recur.


Double charges on your YouTube TV account can be frustrating, but they’re usually straightforward to resolve. By understanding the potential causes and taking proactive steps, you can keep your streaming experience smooth and worry-free. If issues persist, YouTube TV support is just a click away at (800) 704-1263.

Q. What are the hidden fees for YouTube TV?
YouTube TV typically doesn't have hidden fees, but there are potential additional costs to consider:
1. Taxes and Regulatory Fees: These vary by location and may be added to your subscription cost.
2. Add-Ons: Premium channels and features like 4K resolution may come with extra charges.
3. International Channels: Access to non-English content may require an additional fee.

Always review your subscription details to understand all potential charges.

Q. How do I reverse a payment on YouTube?
Ans. Reversing a payment on YouTube depends on the payment method used and the reason for the reversal. If you've made a payment in error or need to dispute a charge:
1. Credit Card/PayPal: Contact your financial institution or PayPal to dispute the charge.
2. Google Play Store: If the payment was made through the Google Play Store, request a refund directly through your Google Play account within the specified refund window.
3. YouTube TV Subscription: For YouTube TV payments, contact YouTube TV support to inquire about refund options, especially if the payment was for a subscription or add-on service.

Provide relevant details, such as transaction IDs or billing information, when requesting a payment reversal.

Q. How do I get a refund on YouTube TV subscription?
To request a refund for your YouTube TV subscription, cancel your subscription and then contact YouTube TV support. They will guide you through the refund process based on your payment method and the applicable refund policy.