Contents of a Table in Word 2003 shift when printed



I created a table in Word 2003, The table takes up the entire width of the
page. I have inserted pictures in some of the cells, I have text in other
cells. I have all cells set to center justify. The cells with text are set
to wrap the text. When I look at the table in Word it is exactly how I want
it. When I look at it in print preview it is fine. When the document is
printed, the contents of all cells shift to the right about a 1/2 inch,
cutting off the right edge of the cell contents. The columns do not shift,
just the contents. I have messed with the margins of the doc, the margins in
the table, the indents in the cells. When I set the cell contents to left
justify they do not shift right, but the text extends beyond the right border
of the cell (basically cutting off some of the text). I have done many of
these tables in Word and this is the first time I have run into this problem.
Anyone have any suggestions I could try?

Thank you for you help.



Stefan Blom

Do one or more rows have "Keep with next" and/or "Page break before" enabled
(Format | Paragraph, Line and Page Breaks tab)?


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