Copy and Paste Special in Excel #REF error

Mar 24, 2016
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Hi everybody,
I could really use your help. We have stored several Project files in Sharepoint (Project Server) that contain Start and End Dates of Installation of equipment. Most of the users in our factory find Project too difficult to manage and we want to create an Excel file that "pulls" the info from the Project in Server and updates itself in case any change was done to the Project file (This way, the excel file is always updated!)

I have tried the "copy + Paste Special - Link Text" solution and it works fine. It does bring the information from Project into Excel, however, when opening again the Excel and Project, if I click on the button "Update" I see the #REF error in all cells with imported info. If I choose "Don't update" links are still functional (But what is the purpose of links, if they won't update?)

Anybody having same issue? PLEASE HELP!


Apr 13, 2016
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Hello Karina,

I am not sure whether it would really help, however, you can try the following:

After you "copy + Paste Special - Link Text", Copy once again + Paste Special + Paste Values. And then try the update option and check what happens.

All the best.

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