Cost Tracking



I have created a .mpp file in MSP 2003 with tasks that are assigned to
resources; however, I need to track costs on a more detailed level.

Eg. people doing Task A will be person A $x/hr rate + vehicle, per diem,
insurance, etc.. and also track contractor hired using x equipment (list of
about 20)/hr along with mileage associated with that task, per diem etc.
Basically a one to many scenairo as would be described in a database.

Is this possible or are we asking something that MSP was not designed to do?




Gary L. Chefetz [MVP]


Project can do everything you want, it may not do it exactly the way you
expect, however. I'm sorry to ask you to do this, but please repost your
question to microsoft.public.project, which is the general project group. A
few dozen folks will likely pounce on this question, but not many people
read this board as it's scheduled to be shut down shortly.

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