Cumulative Data Labels on Stacked Bar/Column Chart



MS EXCEL 2003 on XP PRO.

I have a stacked column chart and I want to throw cumulative data labels on
it. If I go into Chart Options and turn on the Data Labels, they are

So if data for a single X axis category is 10 15 20, the labels show up as
10, 15, and 20. What I want is 10, 25, 45.

Right now I can manually set each label equal to a cell, but that's not a
flexible as I'd like because if the data changes, the bar lengths change and
the labels no longer move to where they should. Plus with a lot of
categories or intervals, this takes a long time.

Any suggestions? Thank you.



Luke M

Add a dummy line series, with values equal to your cumulative sums. Format
the line to have no markers, no line, but show values.

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