Custom Format numbers for learning chart




xlsx 2007

I have a line chart with vertical axes as follows..

Primary scale : from 0 to 10000

Secondary scale : from 0 to 80,000

Both scale are used for many lines.

I like to introduce another line (e.g. learn curve) which is not to b
covered by the two vert axes' scale;

I have a series of value with 7 figures (e.g. 1,000,000 ; 2,000,200

I have this series anew in_line with the secondary axis by dividing eac
figures by 100 (e.g. 10,000 ; 20,002 ; 50,101.23). No sweat..


However, I like the points along this line to be labeled with formatte
numbers (e.g $1.0M ; $2.0M ; $5.01M)

I tried to custom format the new series but can't find the simple tric
to tweak the format.

Is there a custom format ?

thanks in advanc


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