different versions in visio ole-object?




i have some problems printing a word document which includes some visio

In word i can see the visio object like i edited it but when printing
the word-document, a completly old version of the visio object is
printed out. The printed object is older that 2 weeks.

I tryed printing the document from other PC without changes.
I tryed copying the ole-object into an other word dokument (copy/paste)
without changes.

Printing the document from wordpad works great ....

I also opened the visio object (doublecklick in word) and edited the
object, saved the file and exited back to word. the object gets
updated, but when printing ... no changes. againe the old version.

The word document was generated as an export from DOORS 6 and i am
using Word 2002 SP3 and includes many vision objects (somthing about
100-200 drawings).

Dose anyone else know this problem and knows how to solve it? (till now
i have to open every object, copy all objects in visio (mark
all/cut/paste) and repaste them in visio and then exit back to word, in
order to get the printing updated).

Can anyone tell me if visio saves some kind of versions inside an
ole-object? It seems like this must be, as word prints out an old
version of the drawing(s).

PS: not all visio objects are "corrupted" just some.


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