Difficulties with Small Caps



Scientific Journals and Legal Citations sometimes have styles that have
author names or legal cases in Caps and Small Caps in text and in references.
If I copy and paste without formatting, the small caps become All caps, but
without the All Cap formatting that would allow me to search and replace. If
I Select All and change the font, the small caps become All Caps, again
without the designated formatting. All the Knowledge Base things I find say
something like "Reselect the text and mark it for small caps," which requires
FINDING them all manually, and selecting and changing and can easily take
more than an hour for which I'm not paid.

Any suggestions for keeping small caps as small caps when changing styles,
pasting, etc.? I'm using Word 2003; Did Word 2007 correct this
problem? Anything else I can do?




Go through an intermediate step. Change all the small caps items to
some other font, or some color, then search that and change it back.
(But why are you pasting without formatting? The small caps style
wouldn't be lost if you pasted normally.)

Adobe used to sell small caps fonts to accompany the more popular
fonts -- they were in the "expert" sets -- because Word small caps
aren't particularly attractive. All Word does is apply All Caps and
reduce the point size, which means the weight of the strokes in the
letters is too light for the surrounding material. But if Adobe is
even still in the fonts business, I haven't been able to find them at
their monster website.



Graham Mayor

The following macro should paste the contents of the clipboard in the
paragraph style at the cursor with the addition of the smallcaps formatting

Sub PasteSmCaps()
Dim sFont As Boolean
On Error GoTo oops
With Selection
sFont = .Font.SmallCaps
.Font.SmallCaps = True
.PasteSpecial _
DataType:=wdPasteText, _
.Font.SmallCaps = sFont
End With
End Sub


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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

<>>< ><<> ><<> <>>< ><<> <>>< <>><<>

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