Display Predecessor and Successor Tasks

Sep 2, 2014
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Hi All,

I used a VBA Macro from Rod Gill to display predecessors and successor tasks for a selected task.
The macro runs fine if I use it only for single project files.
It shows the pre- and successor tasks, and the task itself will be selected (highlighted).
But when I want to display the pre- and successor tasks within a subproject file that is included in a master project file, it does no longer work as expected. The pre- and successor tasks are shown, but the task itself is not selected.
The two very last VBA statements in the main function are:

EditGoTo Tsk.ID

With EditGoTo Tsk.ID and SelectRow, the task for which I want to see the pre- and successors are selected (highlighted).
EditGoTo Tsk.ID seems to fail if the task is located in a subproject included in a master project.
I tried EditGoTo Tsk.UniqueID instead, but this also fails.

Any idea how to fix this?



  • Macro.txt
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