Document Libraries and Permissions



We are experiencing some permission issues with some of our end users and
access to our document libraries.

Project Server is set up for access using Windows login.

It is prompting them for Windows username and password when the click on the
'Document Library' link. And entering their Windows UID/PWD does not work. If
a different Windows UID/PWD is entered when prompted (e.g. a domain admin
login), then Project Server allows access to the document library and we can
view documents.

We tried making the users 'Administrators' and grant explicit global Admin
permissions via Project Admin tools, and they still could not gain access to
the document libraries.

These are regular domain users in standard Windows groups. As a test, we
added one or two users to the domain admin group, then they can get in w/o
problems (obviously we don't want to do that!) - but we were looking for the
source of the problem - is it AD or Project Server?

Let me know if more information or clarification is needed.



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