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Maybe you can help me out. I have a classic sales table...

Jan Feb Mar etc.
David 20 21 23
James 18 22 17
Sam 21 25 20
Jane 23 24 22

I would like to create a dropdown where I select months... i.e. February

I'd then like to have two charts
1) showing the sales persons and just the figures for selection (here
2) showing the sales persons and all months... that beeing January to
selection (here February)

I'd like the charts to be dynamic, so when I select February in the
dropdown, at it returns 2 to a cell then the charts can pickup on that month

Can that be done?? how?

I have tryed using named ranges like this
Feb header is in cell G4
I can create a named ranged to contain Februaries figures

using that formular or the named range in the chart does not seem to work
for me.

Any help on this issue?
Demo files, guide or friendly helpers?

Thanks for you time




Try use pivot chart
Data/Pivot Table/select Pivot Chart Report/Next/Next/Layout/
In row section put your names
In data section put all months
Chart is created
Choose which moths you want to see in Data - pick ones you want to see on
the chart

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