E-mail Merge



I have Office 2002 on my PC; I want to create an E-mail using my Contacts
folder. I know how how to do this in WORD, i.e. "Dear «First_Name»,"
[without quotes]. I have my OUTLOOK E-mail set to WORD as my E-mail letter.
What I want to do, in addition to this merge as said in my E-mail message, is
to create a mass E-mail process, i.e. send this E-mail message with the first
name of each contact to each their respective E-mail address, i.e. have each
of their E-mail addresses inserted automatically into the TO box of each
their respective E-mails. How do I do this? Thank you.



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

You use Word, just as you already know how to do. Take a look at the mail merge output options -- you'll see email as well as document and printer. For best results, start the merge from your Outlook contacts folder using the Tools | Mail Merge command.




I do a lot of mail campaigns via Outlook and found a great add-on to
accomplish this... PoliteMail (www.politemail.com). It resides in Outlook
and allows you to send email campaigns, big and small, and tracks both
campaigns and individual emails. It also handles "mail merge" easily. It
will also import your Outlook contacts and lists from external sources (CSV
file) and track all interactions.

Of course, it does cost some money, but well worth it. I used to use MSGTAG
for tracking individual emails but I like the integration with Outlook of
PoliteMail. It's nice to know when an email is read, link is clicked or
email is forwarded. No more excuses of "I didn't receive your message".


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