Earned value (BCWP) showing as zero in chart

Apr 1, 2015
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Hello. I am using physical% complete to calculate earned value each week (status date) and this calculating as expected o provide planned, earned and actual cost indicators, HOWEVER when I go to chart this the earned $ shows as zero??

I am using MS Project Professional 2013, so also tried the file on MS Project Standard 2010 and noted that the physical % complete was not rolling up through summary tasks, hence it was not calculating earned value, even though it was working in the 2013 version. Is there some way that the physical % complete field has become corrupted or is there a settign I can check for this field?

I assume my zero $ earned value in the chart is related to this issue ... ie shows in gantt/table views, however in converting to chart/excel it loses som functionality in the physical % complete field



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