Enclosures with word-doc

Jun 2, 2018
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I have a problem which must have been encountered by many, but I just can't find the answer.
In Word 2013 I want to insert a 'supplement' ('enclosure'). The purpose of an 'enclusure' is to enclude an existing document 'as is', but I can't find a function to do this.
Simply using 'Insert document' leads to the inserted document becoming part of the text of the main document: Any headings in the enclosure start to figure in my Table Of Content! Numberings (headings, footnotes) are completely messed up in the enclosed doc!
I tried inserting the enclosure in the form of a .pdf but that was handled in an awful way too: only the (part of) the first page of the PDF is displayed. (and no obvious way to see the rest.)
Could someone please point me to a place where the right way to handle 'enclosures' is described?


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