Form Field Document with free form text section



I have created a protected Catering Menu Proposal form document in Wor
2010. At the end of the form I want to have a menu selection. I wan
this to be free from protection so it can be updated without th
protection being removed.

I have put in section breaks in and selected Fill forms for the firs
section and highlighted the second section to be updated by anybody
However every time I protect the document one or other section wont le
me enter data.

Can somebody please let me know how I do this? I am sure it was quit
straight forward in previous versions of Word. And I am now at the poin
now of throwing my laptop out the window



Stefan Blom

Is this forms protection (using legacy forms that is)? In that case, did you
clear the check mark for the appropriate section in the Section Protection
dialog box?

Also, note that there are many things you can't do in a protected document, even
in unprotected sections. You may have to use VBA to work around the limitations.

By the way, what kind of "menu selection" are you using in the second section?

"Gingerwitch" wrote in message news:[email protected]

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