Get [email protected] form of senders address



The header of mail in the inbox of Outlook contains fields such as 'From',
'To', 'Subject', etc. The 'From' field is usually displayed in the form
'User Name' as defined in the 'Display as' field of Contact information.
Double-clicking on this name results in a pop-up window which contains the
'Display name' (which is the name already described) and the 'E-mail address'
(which is in the '[email protected]' form). This E-mail address is also the
'Return-Path' in the Internet headers as shown in the 'View\Options...'
pop-up window.
However, neither of these is selectable anywhere in:

View\Arrange by\Current View\Customize Current View\Fields... Available fields

regardless of what is set in 'Select available fields from:'.

How do I capture the E-mail address/Return-Path field ([email protected] format)?



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