How do I make a 2 x axis series bars larger?



I have created a 2 series basic column chart. It has dates as the primary
axis with years as the secondary. It is comparing data from each month year
over year, across 3 years. And it's comparing two types of data, calls
offered, and calls answered. Needless to say, it's a rather busy chart. The
only problem I have with it right now, is that given the type of chart and
all the data, the columns are SUPER skinny. Is there a way to manually make
the columns fatter? Please help! Thanks!!



Andy Pope


The columns are skinny as they are representing 1 day in your date
period. You can increase the thickness by double clicking and setting
the Gap width to zero on the Series Option tab. The increase will not be
huge though.
If your dates are of equal intervals, i.e. 12 data points for each year,
you could set the axis to be Category rather than Time series. Right
click the chart and pick Chart Options. On the Axes tab you can specify
the axis type.


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