How do I print only 2 corresponding pages in a multi-page booklet



Can print the front/back cover as a single page in Publisher. When I print
the inside front & back covers [single page], it prints but then wants to
continue printing the next two-page series. If I click "Yes" on making the
print job a separate booklet, it prints pages 2 [inside front cover] & page
3. This happens both in "view" & "actual" views.

Way to select specific page range [like in MSWord] like pages 2 & 31? Or how
to print every other page layout for a single sided printer so the pages can
be turned over to refeed & print on the back for double sided publication?



Mary Sauer

What version Publisher?

This is for versions 2003 and below...

View, turn off two page spread. Page one, print, current page, click *no* to
query. Turn the page over, go to page two, print, current page, click *no* to
query, and so on.

It is different in Version 2007. Look at print preview, there is an icon on the
toolbar that allows you to see more than one page. Determine what page is next
to what page, this will be the number you will want to put in the print range.

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