How to change Youtube TV Home Area | Contact (800) 704-1263

Jun 8, 2024
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Learn how to change YouTube TV Home Area seamlessly. Contact support at (800) 704-1263 for assistance. Updating your YouTube TV Home Area will guarantee that you continue to receive local programming that is specific to your new address, regardless of whether you relocated to a new state or city. Whether you've relocated or need accurate local channels, this guide ensures you receive tailored programming for your new address.

Why Change Your YouTube TV Home Area?

Your YouTube TV Home Area determines the local channels and regional sports networks available to you. Updating this setting is essential to maintain access to local content after a move and prevent any restrictions on viewing based on your location.

Steps to Change Your YouTube TV Home Area

Step 1: Verify Your Location

Before proceeding, ensure your device's location settings are accurate and allow YouTube TV to determine your current location.

1. Mobile Devices: Enable location services in your device settings and grant YouTube TV access to your location.

2. Computers: Check your browser settings to enable location services for YouTube TV.

Step 2: Access YouTube TV Settings

1. Log In:
Sign in to your YouTube TV account via a web browser or the mobile app.

2. Navigate to Settings: Click on your profile picture, then select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Update Your Home Area

1. Change Home Area:
Go to the "Area" section under Settings and click on "Update" or "Change" next to your current YouTube TV Home Area.

2. Enter New Address: Input your new address and confirm the location if prompted.

3. Save Changes: After verifying the address, save the updated YouTube TV Home Area settings.

Step 4: Verify Changes

1. Check Local Channels:
Confirm that your local channels have updated to reflect your new YouTube TV Home Area.

2. Restart Devices: If necessary, restart your device or log out and back into YouTube TV to ensure changes take effect.
Common Issues and Solutions

Problem: Unable to Change YouTube TV Home Area

• Solution:
Ensure location services are enabled and YouTube TV has permission to access your location. Try updating from a different device or contact YouTube TV Support for assistance at (800) 704-1263.

Problem: Incorrect Local Channels

• Solution:
Double-check the accuracy of the entered address. Log out and log back into YouTube TV to refresh settings if channels do not update correctly.

Problem: Reached YouTube TV Home Area Limit

• Solution:
YouTube TV allows up to three changes per year for Home Area settings. If you've reached this limit, contact YouTube TV Support at (800) 704-1263 for further assistance.


Changing your YouTube TV Home Area is essential for accessing local programming tailored to your current location. Follow these steps to update your YouTube TV Home Area smoothly and enjoy uninterrupted access to your favorite local channels and sports networks. For any issues or questions during the process, reach out to YouTube TV Support at (800) 704-1263 for prompt assistance. Ensure your viewing experience remains seamless with the correct local content available wherever you are!