How to keep hyphenated words on the same line?



I used to be able to make hyphenated words drop to the next line. Now the
hyphen remains at the end of the line and the second part of the word goes to
the next line.
To make a non-breaking hyphen I have to do: Control + shift + hyphen. (It
used to be automatic on an older version.)
How can I get this? I've searched all over the place.



Herb Tyson [MVP]

You can turn off automatic hyphenation. In Word 2007, in the Page Layout
ribbon tab, choose Hyphenation - None.

In Word 2003, try Tools - Language - Hyphenation, and remove the check next
to Automatically hyphenate document.



Stefan Blom

If you are saying that Word is hyphenating text automatically, and you want
to turn it off, see Herb's reply.

If you want to manually insert hyphens in text, there are three

- You can just press the hyphen key, and then you will see the hyphen
character at all times; when it occurs at the end of a line Word will
hyphenate the word.

- You can press Ctrl+Hyphen, which inserts an optional hyphen; this will
only be visible at the end of a line, where it determines how Word hyphenates
the word in question.

- You can insert a nonbreaking hyphen (Ctrl+Shift+Hyphen). As you' ve
noticed, this can be used to keep a manually hyphenated word on a single line.

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