How to Shop Client delays in my ghantt chart so i can claim for delays

Jul 25, 2016
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Good day everyone!
I'm a novice user of Project, and i have problems with clients causing delays, and i wish to show this(if you agree this is the place to do it), within my ghantt chart for client, consultant and contractor to see this,,for my endgame of protecting my interests to illustrate the delays don't come from my end(contractor) and to eventually raise a claim for extending the project, thereby extending my costs to my contractors.

Example: In a fit-out venture, the client agreed to supply the lighting, and on my created time schedule, all parties agreed to my project plan timeline. So on my scheduled time, i set up scaffolding to a 15meter height scaffold, the client delayed the lighting delivery to the entire project, and increased my scaffolding rental time, increased my labor costs, which in turn delayed my painters schedule etc etc.

Can i illustrate this lost time due to client in my ghantt chart?? and how??

Thank you, all!


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