Important Update and Call for Moderation Volunteers!


Dec 4, 2023
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Hello office-forums Community,

I wanted to share an important update within our admin circle. Ian, who has dedicated many years to managing these forums with great care and enthusiasm, has decided to step down as the administrator due to new commitments. He officially passed the baton to me, @AlexReflector, in December 2023. Unfortunately, his announcement was posted in an admin-only thread, so I am bringing this news to the entire community now.

We are immensely grateful to Ian for his leadership and commitment. He will continue to be a valued member of the forum, and we look forward to his contributions.

As we move forward under new management, we also face the challenge of increasing spam and off-topic posts. To help maintain the quality of our community discussions, we are looking to expand our moderation team.

We need passionate volunteers who are willing to help manage the forums and ensure our community remains a welcoming and informative place for all things Microsoft Office. As a moderator, you will play a crucial role in filtering out spam, guiding conversations, and upholding our community standards.

If you are interested in volunteering, please reply to this thread or send me a private message. Let us know why you'd like to join the moderation team and any relevant experience you have. No prior experience is necessary—just a willingness to help and learn.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to our community!

Best regards,
Alex - Admin & Owner