Incorrect dates when copying from Excel

Apr 22, 2012
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Hi all,

I work on a programme with 50+ project plans. On a weekly basis I want to extract all of the tasks with a particular flag set and put all of these tasks into a new project plan.

I've written a macro that does this by cycling through all the files, copying the relevant tasks to Excel and copying all the extracted tasks to a new Project file. All of this works fine, except that some of the Finish Dates are coming across incorrectly.

Part of the problem is that each of the individual projects has different calendars (we sometimes have weekend working etc.), so the project I'm importing into I've set all of the days to working days.

I thought that if I copy/pasted just the Start / Finish dates (and not the duration) this would mean that Project got the right dates, and most of the time it does, but on some tasks it gets the finish date wrong. I'm not importing successor information or resources - it only needs to be a list of tagged tasks, with their Start / Finish dates and % Complete.

Any thoughts?



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