Intercept Word Build-in commands using VBA ?



Hi all,

In Word 2007 I'm looking to detect a manual TOC update in order to
automatically turn OFF and ON Word's Review mode.

For the moment, the only clues I'm aware of are based on "events catching"
"functions overloading" techniques.

* The build-in commands I found are : UpdateToc and UpdateTocFull (got them
from here :
--> but dunno how to intercept them (if it's even possible...).

* Recording a macro in Word gave me the UpdateTableOfContents function which
successfully overloaded in the Microsoft "Word Objects > ThisDocument"
--> Saddly in this case, the new function would only be triggered if TOC is
updated through the ribbon and not if a right clic is performed on the TOC,
followed by the user selecting the "update" option from the contextual menu.

Well that's all and I'm stuck at this point.
Got an idea ? How would you do it ?

Thks in advance,


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