Level resource allocation error

Mar 21, 2017
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Hi All,

I keep having the same problem with MS Project and I was wondering if you could help?

I'm not able to resolve the resource allocation error/ notification while levelling and thus not able to reseolve the over-allocation of the resource. Somehow MS. Project is planning more than my daily 8 hrs on certain days. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I checked a previous related post but could not solve the problem... Hope you can help :)

My project:

  • I'm the only resource (so far) with Max Units of 75% (want to keep 25% as a buffer)
  • I have set the working hours at 40hrs per week, 8hrs per day (under options)
  • I have used the standard calendar and filled in my working time
  • There are tasks with a constraint type as I want some only to occur on a specific date (e.g. re-current meetings). These are not linked to the critical path
  • I have set no priorities
  • I have allocated 25% Units per task as I want to gradually complete the task.
  • "Type" used is fixed work
  • All tasks are auto scheduled

For levelling I have tried:

  • Level calculations automatic and manual
  • Levelling options day by day and week by week
  • All the levelling orders except for "level manually scheduled tasks"

Is there something I should or should not do?

Appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!




Apr 12, 2017
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hard to say without seeing the project data. you can see which tasks are causing the over allocation by looking at the view resource usage or task usage displays. I suspect it is your tasks with constraint dates that are causing the problem.

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