link goes crazy in 2010 works fine in 2003

Discussion in 'Access General' started by sparks, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. sparks

    sparks Guest

    We have an older 2003 database with about 275 records.
    The main table uses an autoid number called autoid and links to the
    other tables that all have idnum some are one to one and some are one
    to many. This database has never had a problem.
    UNTIL you open it with access 2010. It pops up a box saying input
    No error or anything and I can't figure out what its looking at or
    what its expecting or why.
    Just for a quick test I ran compile and it doesn't show any errors but
    you still get the box when you first open the main screen.

    anyone got any ideas on how to track this down in 2010?
    sparks, Aug 1, 2013
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  2. sparks

    Gloops Guest

    sparks wrote, on 01st Aug. 2013 01:50 UTC + 2 :


    I did not work with versions of Access more recent than 2007, but have a
    certain experience of previous ones, including migrating from a version
    to a newer.

    You will get a better view if you can execute the form_load step by step
    to see when an error appears (do not forget to put the error procedure
    call in comments, and re-enable it when everything is ready), and copy
    the SQL code of the form request, and paste it to the request editor to
    launch it : the request editor often has much clearer messages than the
    execution during a VB code or a macro.

    A possible issue is that a default name has changed in the new version,
    or that a prefix rule has changed (being said that for instance a field
    name is prefixed by its table name).

    At least, this will enable you to provide more information, that will
    help to solve the problem.
    Gloops, Aug 1, 2013
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