Lost Macro that used to paste graphic as EMF, Convert to inline andresize, can't reconstruct



First of all, I am not a programmer. I created the missing Macro in Word 2003 using the macro recorder. Now it is gone (although my other macros in the same template are still there) and I don't have a backup.

Now I come to find out that it should not have been possible to create it in that way. How did I ever record it? Where did it go? Why did it disappear? How to recreate?

The steps are
1. Copy a group of objects from PowerPoint 2003
2. In Word 2003, use Paste Special to insert the group as a Windows Metafile.
3. Convert the object to an inline graphic. (The macro recorder can't do this!)
4. Resize the graphic to a 4-inch width.

Can somebody write me some VBA code to do all these steps? I can't seem to use the recorder to do any of these steps now, even though it worked fine a mere month ago.

A copy of the same template saved to a colleague's computer has similarly lost the one macro and retained all the others, which is extra-weird, especially considering his machine has Word 2010, not 2003. It worked fine for him until it vanished.

I have had some problems with adware on my computer and switched virus protection, but I don't see how that could be related, considering the macro disappeared from both machines at once.


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