Mail merge address to 4-up postcard


Rich D

I have a post card designed and it is quarter page format, making 4 post
cards per page. I now want to mail merge the addresses onto the post cards
for printing. My mail merge seems to be working as it brings up the address,
but it prints the same address on all 4 post cards per page. How do I get it
to give a different address for easch post card?



Mary Sauer

When you merge you can only have one card on your screen.
If you are relying on the print preview in Publisher 2002-03 this is a Publisher
bug. It will show all 4 cards the same. If you are unsure print a test. There is
an option for a test print on the print page.
If you are using 2007, File, print merge, be certain to select multiple pages
per sheet.


After much frustration, I have the same problem. I am using Word is how I FINALLY got it to work.

Start from scratch with a blank document
Go to mailings
Start Mail Merge
Select Labels and choose one like Avery 3380 which is 4 to a page.
Click OK
Select your recipients and edit them accordingly.
Insert your merge can copy and paste from one post card to
You may notice it says <<next record>> DON"T Delete this..there should be
one on each postcard except the first postcard.
Once you have you merge fields on each postcard...and yes, they will look
the same....put your mouse on the <<Next Record>> field and RIGHT
click....choose the "update field" option and notice all 4 postcards will
have different addresses.

Best of luck to you! Lori


Nov 12, 2019
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I know this question was written over ten years ago, but I was having this same issue last week and worked on it for literally 6 1/2 hours until I finally figured it out, so I thought I better share my discovery in case there is another poor soul out there who has tried every answer on every forum and STILL isn't having any luck.

This is how I got it to work on Microsoft Word 2010, but I would think it's a good option to try on any version of Word.

Backstory - I designed my postcard on the document before creating the mail merge. I had our company logo, a text box with our copy, the address lines that are on most postcards, and text boxes above each line - where I was planning to do the mail merge.

After a long day of torment, searching for answers to no avail, and wanting to throw my computer across the room a billion times, I finally figured out that the text boxes were my problem. Those stinkers! You can't correctly mail merge in text boxes. If you try, it will do crazy things like copy one person's information on all four postcards on the page or not show any entries at all. Note: You can have text boxes on your postcard (for copy and such), but you CANNOT use text boxes for the actual mail merging portion. You have to insert your mail merge items on the ground of the postcard. In other words, you have to do all mail merge activities on the postcard itself instead of adding a text box and inserting the mail merge items in that text box.

When I finally figured this out, I wanted to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate while simultaneously crawling into a hole, dropping into a fetal position, and not coming out until the Arizona Cardinals win a Super Bowl.

I'm not sure how this will translate across the internet, but I attached an example of what finally worked for me just in case it's useful to anyone.

I sincerely hope this answer helps someone's brain from exploding and then imploding and then exploding again while trying to deal with the beautiful world of mail merging.




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