mail merge in publisher using txt data source



I am trying to merge an excel data source to publisher including various
formatting (letters, percentages, numbers). In this case: column 1 'name of
firm', column 2 'sales', column 3 'profitability' etc. To preserve the
formatting (decimals, % etc.), I saved the excel as a txt-file (using tab as
separator). Problem! When merging, the tab does not work as a separator.
Instead, it reads as if all the columns were one and the same and thus only
one possible merge field appears per row with all the information (i.e. <firm
sales prof...>). Using semi-colon (;) works except that for the one column
that starts with zeros for the first 10 or so observations, comes out as all
zeros when merged.

Please help!!!! Getting my publisher 2003 to identify the tab as a separator
in the txt file would really make my life easier.


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