MsProject AddIn: Forms in a DLL?



I failed creating an Addin for MsProject using the VB6 environment which can
display a simple form (e.g. the default form offered by the VB6 environment
when clicking: File => New Project => AddIn).

I changed within the Connect-Code:
Public VBInstance As MSProject.Application
Public VBInstance As VBIDE.VBE

and commented out some debugging information.

This works within the VB6 debugging environment.
It does NOT work when I create a DLL and install it on my computer and start
MsProject afterwarts.
The included form doesn't show up!

I used the same code, changed the reference to Excel -- and it works.
Public VBInstance As Excel.Application

PS: I created an EXE-File instead of a DLL -- and it worked for MsProject.
But this creates always a process whenever I run the program :)

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