Need costs calculated and displayed in multiple currencies


Pat Fitzgerald

I need to have cost (resource and task) calcuated in both US Dollars and
Pounds Sterling.

I have my project set in US Dollars with 3 different cost rate tables
available for each enterprise resource. The cost rate tables are in
dollars/hr. I created a custom Resource Cost field in Cost1 called Cost (£)
that multiplies the regular Cost field by .45 to get Cost in pounds.

I also created a custom Task Cost field. When I view my project in task
usage, Task Usage / Table: Cost and add in the Cost (£) field, it shows up
and is calculated correctly. But it does not show up in Resource Usage /
Table: Cost.

Any help would be appreciated.



Jim Aksel

Although both are called Cost1, they are actually stored in different places.
See FAQ#35 here:

See if a Macro like this will work for you:

Sub TransferTaskCost1ToAssignmentCost1()
Dim t As Task
Dim a As Assignment
On Error Resume Next

For Each t In ActiveProject.Tasks
For Each a In t.Assignments
a.Cost1 = t.Cost1
Next a
Next t

End Sub
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