New Iterm Alert for IMAP in Outlook 2007 Sp2



I am using Outlook 2007 SP2 on a Windows XP Professional Platform.I am
syncing my gmail account with Outlook using IMAP.I have also set up the below
rule to alert me when a new mail arrives in my gmail account:

'Apply this rule after the message arrives through the (e-mail address removed) account
and on this machine only play chimes.wav and display New Mail in the New Item
Alert Window.'

I do get the New Item Alerts pop up window when i recieve new mails in gmail
but when i click on ‘Open item’ in this window it gives me the following

‘The item cannot be opened.It may have been moved or deleted’ .

I don’t understand why i am getting this message when the mail is still in
the IMAP mailbox.Please advise.




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