OOO responses don't come to delegate in 2003




I have recently configured my Outlook and my boss's Outlook so that I a
a delegate and responses to meetings only come to the delegate.

Nevertheless, Out of Office replies still come to his Inbox. I'v
searched the internet and this seems to be a problem others have found
maybe it is a glitch in Outlook, but OOO in response to a Meetin
Request don't make it through to the Delegate.

No answers have been found on the internet sites where this has bee
complained of, but one poster said they solved the problem through th
use of a Rule.

I understand and use Rules. But can anyone give me help on a Rule tha
would send the "Automatic Reply" OOO to me as the delegate for Meetin
Requests without also sending OOO for email to me (the boss will want t
receive those on his own and I don't have access to his email).



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