Outlook 2007 asking me if I want to save e-mail in Sent Items



When I used Lotus Notes there was a great function that asked me if I wanted
to save an e-mail after I hit send. Many times there are silly e-mails that
don't need to be saved and I like to option of not storing these e-mails.

When I was on Outlook 2003 I had found the following on the Internet that
provide this functionality. However it does not work with Outlook 2007.

Any ideas?

1) From within Outlook, click on "Tools", "Macros", "Security"

2) Choose the "Low" radio button, then click OK.

3) Go back to "Tools", "Macros", and choose "Visual Basic Editor"

4) In the tree on the top left hand side, expand "Project1
(VbaProject.OTM)", "Microsoft Office Outlook Objects", then double click on
the text "ThisOutlookSession"

5) Copy and Paste the following text between the separator bars in the new
window that appears to the right:


Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)

Dim intRes As Integer

Dim strMsg As String

' removes any categories in outgoing items

Item.Categories = "" ' re

If Item.Class = olMail Then

' asks user if they want to keep the message locally

strMsg = "Do you want to keep a copy of this message in Sent Items?"

intRes = MsgBox(strMsg, vbQuestion + vbYesNoCancel + vbDefaultButton1,
"Keep Copy?")

Select Case intRes

Case vbNo

Item.DeleteAfterSubmit = True

Case vbCancel

Cancel = True

Case vbYes

' default behavior -- nothing to change

End Select

' set a follow-up flag for important messages for 1 day from now

If Item.Importance = olImportanceHigh Then

Item.FlagStatus = olFlagMarked

Item.FlagDueBy = Now + 1

Item.FlagRequest = "Respond"

End If

End If

End Sub


6) Choose "File", "Save VbaProject.OTM"

7) Choose "File", "Close and return to Microsoft Office Outlook"

8) Close Outlook and restart it.


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