OWC 10 ChartSpace ExportPicture - what the hell....


Slawomir Zurek


I'm totally confused - I'm writing smal .Net C# program making use of
WebBrowser control, OWC10 Pivot table and OWC10 ChartSpace. Now i want to
export picture from chartspace object, so I'm making following call:


but instead of saving file, i'm brutally attacked (;-)) with question box:
Title: Microsoft Office Chart
Body: The program is trying to save file on hard disk "/c:/Test.gif". if the
file exists it will be overwritten....... (etc, etc)
Buttons: Yes/No

Please notice strange file path .... !!! Anybody knows, what is it - ? I
never seen such a message, so i completly confused....

Thanks for any suggestion, how to get rid of this message box.....


PS: I'm using Internet Explorer 7.0 (this could be important)




Do you need the web browser control? If it is a C# application, you can use
a Windows form and the OWC completely bypassing the web browser control. If
you need the control, add the site to Internet explorer trusted sites.
Alvin Bruney [MVP ASP.NET]

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