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Wim Lockefeer

Hi -
We use stand alone versions of Microsoft Project 2003, with all project files on a shared folder on a server, along with a shared resource pool.

I've recently noticed that certain project files are connected to the resource pool (in that they ask to open te resource pool when you open them), but when opening the resource pool itself, they are not listed in the linked files list.

This has as a result that the resource info from these project doesn't show up in the resource usage pane of other projects, which the PM's use to evaluate resource availability.

I have tried connecting the files to the resource pool again as explained on the MS site (, but to no avail.

The projects are all set up with pool having precedence.

Anybody any ideas on how to solve this ?

Thanks a mill.


Wim Lockefeer
Project support
Boondoggle NV



Rod Gill


First disconnect the project from the pool, save, close and re-open.
Immediately save again to force file management and optimization.

Now try attaching again. If this doesn't work then there is likely to have
been a file corruption.

Save your project file as an xml file. Close it then re-open from xml and
save as .mpp again.

Try attaching to pool again. If this doesn't work there is a minor
corruption in the pool. Unattach all projects, delete the pool then create a
new one from a blank file then re-attach.

Rename a file
Over-write it
move it

Whilst attached to the pool. This will sooner or later corrupt the file
and/or the pool. If you can't rely on your PMs to observe these rules, don't
use a pool!!


Rod Gill
Microsoft MVP for Project

Author of the only book on Project VBA, see:

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news:[email protected]

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