Project 2010 https 9000(0x2328) error when saving plan.

Mar 28, 2012
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I have a https 9000(0x2328) error when trying to save plans from Project Professional 2010, I'm able to access & edit plans but the error happens on save
only when I'm on the work network, using the same laptop / Project Professional 2010 it saves fine.
Making progress it looks like that I can't access the resource pool from the https although it works using the internal http. When I go to add a resource using
enterprise I get an error message stating "You cannot edit the team at this time. Verify that Project is still connected to the server and try again" I know it is
as I'm able to save using the external https using a plan until resources get added to the plan.

Is there a specific setting in SharePoint / Project Server that would make this happen?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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