Protection question



Word 2003:

We have a doc that has some protected sections where we have some drop down
boxes (choose from the list below). I have to add a new option in the drop
downs, so I put my cursor in the protected section, click Tools, Unprotect
Document, and then I can right click the drop down, select properties and
get a new windows that allows me to add my new entry. So when I'm finished
with that, I select Tools, Protect Document, and then a Protect Document
screen on the far right comes up with some options to click, after which you
click the bottom button "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection". Well, what ever
options I select and then click the enforce button, I do not go back to
regular protectedmode with this doc. The drop down does not work, it's like
I'm still in unprotected mode. What am I doing wrong here?



Stefan Blom

Could the document be in Design mode? There is a button for that option on
the Control Toolbox toolbar. If it is activated, click to turn it off.

Note that if you added ActiveX controls to the document, Design mode will be
turned on automatically as a security measure.

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