Publisher 2003 Print Issue - Help Soon Please!


T Gill

I have several different publisher documents that print duplex. One is a
brochure and the other is a postcard. I'm having problems printing these on
my Dell 5110cn laser printer. I can print one or two just fine but if I
request 25 or more the printer just starts printing garbage after a few have
printed. There is no mail-merging involved. I used to print these fine on
my Dell 5100cn printer. It seems to be a printer problem but other documents
from Word, etc.. are okay. It is something about Publisher communicating
with this printer. It seems as though I need to reset a setting somewhere.
It also appears as though Publisher is establishing separate print queue
spooled documents when I want to print more than a few documents. That might
be normal for documents with lots of .jpeg's on them--I don't know. I think
I've looked at every available Microsoft/Dell/Googled forum for a solution.
Nothing is specific to my issue but I'm in the process of trying some of
these different ideas I found anyway. Does anyone have any ideas? Please
help soon. This is something I need to fix this week. Thanks so much!



Mary Sauer



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